Driving Lessons in Cirencester

Learning to drive is awesome but who is going to be able to provide you with the best driving lessons in Cirencester?
There are tonnes of driving schools in Cirencester but choosing who to learn with takes a bit of understanding so e have spoken to 3 driving schools outside of Colchester for a non-biased view

Driving Dreams who provide driving lessons in Colchester said “When you start looking for driving lessons you need to think about the driving test itself, what are you being asked to do? It’s all about driving safely, so when you phone driving schools in Cirencester listen to what they have got to say, are they talking about lessons or about driver safety? ” Vikki Eltham of The Driving Genie said lessons are¬†getting harder and harder because many road users do not like learner drivers, tailgating is a major issue, the learner feels afraid and it’s a battle from the beginning. I imagine t would be the same for taking driving lessons in Cirencester; so choose a driving school that has really visible sign writing on the car with CCTV stickers, that normally stops people for driving up your backside.”

Learning to drive ought to be a fun experience, it often is but it comes with its misfortunes. While other road users might not be too fond of learner drivers, decent driving schools in Birmingham like Aceway Driving School have decided to take a different approach to driver safety 

“We start from the first lesson. We let people know what the test is all about and what the driving examiner is looking for, this way you get to build in safe driving skills from the outset. If you are going to learn how to drive and need a driving instructor in Cirencester, then really the instructor ought to be talking about the sale things from the beginning.”

As you can see these three schools do not provide driving lessons in Cirencester but each have a very similar theme, its about you being safe when learning to drive, both with other road users and the skills you are going to learn. Another great school for you to join with a strong ethos on driver safety is a female driving school in Leicester Lynns Driving Tuition.

Driving Safely With The Right Driving Lessons In Cirencester

So just what are the top tips for you to be a safe driver?


1. Your driving examiner wants to see you be a safe driver

2. You need to be going into your driving test, not hoping, but knowing you are good. You are prepped, confident and ready to impress.

3. It’s more than a driving test, you are being tested if you are a safe driver and if you can drive solo, therefore you need to be driving without the assistance of your driving instructor even before you get to the test.

4 Ideally you want to be in a position where you can jump in the car and without too much effort you naturally drive as a safe driver ought to be doing.

5. Your first and every driving lesson needs to be broken into 4 segments. Obeying the law of the road by following the Highway Code, having a safe attitude to driving; being in control of the car at all times and having top hazard perception skills.

If you can crack point 5 then all four previous points are taken care of.
You can be a great driver and you can pass your driving test first time.