Automatic Driving Lessons in Cirencester

So you are going down the route of learning to drive and you are considering taking automatic driving lessons in Cirencester, before we tall you how good they are and how easy it is, we want to make sure you are doing the right thing here, because using a automatic driving school in Cirencester will not be right for everyone…even if you think so.

Ok, so you have passed your test in an auto – great!
But the only downside is that you are only now licenced to drive automatics, so please read if the following applies to you.

1. You have taken lessons, you got frustrated with using a manual transmission and you decided it was too hard
2. A previous driving instructor has advised you to try an automatic because you struggle with gears.

If either of those points reflect your decision to look for an automatic driving school in Cirencester then you may be making the wrong choice. It could be that a simple matter of the instructor being sufficient in their skills to help you correctly.
Lets look at this is a different way.

In an automatic you have 2 pedals, and you use your right foot to slow down and stop or speed up, pretty easy right.
With a manual you have a 3rd pedal operated with your left foot. Its the clutch and when you press in the clutch you release the accelerator and you change gear…doesn’t sound too hard does it.

We are sharing this information with you because we want to make sure you are making the best decision for you.

Are Automatic Driving Lessons in Cirencester For You?

If you are still reading this and haven’t already called us then you really do want to find the best automatic driving school in Cirencester.
Here are a few pointers for you which you can test out on us.

1. Ask the driving instructor for their grade
2. When they were last graded
3. What additional skills have they since been learning to improve their services

Most learners ask about pass rates but they can easily be smudged, but these questions get to the route of the answer…is this driving instructor any good?