Do You Need A Female Driving Instructor In Cirencester?

The answer to many people wanting to learn to drive is yes, they do want a female driving instructor in Cirencester and there are many good personal reasons to want to learn this way. The good news for you is that ¬†around 20% of all driving schools in Cirencester have a lady involved offering lessons, so while its not rare, at 20% it could present you with a waiting list, but if you have the right school lined up that shouldn’t really worry you too much.

The ideal female driving instructor in Cirencester could be just a phone call away, but do you know what questions you need to be asking?
Most people wanting to learn to drive want to ask questions to find out if the instructor/school is going to be any good, truth is you are not loaded with the right questions.

Typically you will ask…
1. How much are your lessons?
2. What do you charge?
3. What is your pass rate?
4. How many lessons will I need?
5. What car do you drive?

The closest question to determining quality is about the pass rate, but figures can be smudged.
The pass rate from when?
1st time passes or all passes?
What about the people who leave the instructor without ever going to the driving test?
And what instructors carefully omitting certain tests because the person was unlucky?
All can be manipulated so what have you got left?

So what questions should you be asking female driving instructors in Cirencester?

The questions you ought to be asking a female driving school in Cirencester are.
1. What is your grade?
2. When were you last graded?
3. What qualifications and courses have you taken since your last grade?
4. How many 1st driving tests have you given this year?
5. of those first time driving tests how many failed first time?

6. What is the main reason for people failing their test?

If the instructor refers to nerves, confidence or readiness to pass then seriously reconsider.
The #1 fault for failing the driving test is observation at junctions,
don’t let any driving instructor try to convince you it’s nerves.
If you are nervous on your test how will you be in real life in a dangerous situation?

If you want to pass your driving test…you know who to call!
Get on the phone and call us now.