Intensive driving lessons in Cirencester

Yes it is entirely possible for you to pass your driving test in a few short weeks, but before you book time of work so you can take your intensive driving lessons in Cirencester lets look at a few practicalities on how best to get about getting your driving licence.
You see if there is one thing you need to know, that’s most people will fail their driving test when taking an intensive.
That is not a reflection of our school, but all intensive driving schools in Cirencester and further afield, let us explain where most people get it wrong.

The best intensive driving lessons in Cirencester teach you a different way…

  1. We believe the number one reason for failing an intensive driving course is tiredness. Do not look to cram in 30 or 40 hours of lessons in a week, you will just burn out and waste money. Better to take a few days here and there, or have a schedule where you take 10 hours a weeks. So for example 10 hours over a weekend and 2 hours Monday to Friday will keep you fresher, sharper and more able to learn. Where as blasting 40 hours in a week is a road to being tired and struggling to keep up.
  2. ¬†We say the second reason for people failing is because they are not prepared. You book the hours, but because you become tired it’s hard to take in all of the skills you need. So when you get to the driving test, its like you have only prepared for 80% because the last few lessons haven’t sunk in.
  3. Most skills will simply teach you how to drive, you don’t want that. You need to be taught how to drive safely, that’s how you pass your test by being safe.
  4. Your first intensive driving lesson in Cirencester should consist of 4 elements. Highway Code. Control of the car. Hazard Perception. Safe Attitude. Then you put all of those factors into every single skill you earn and you will be a safe driver, and you have massively increased your chances of passing your driving test.
intensive driving lessons in Cirencester
intensive driving lessons in Cirencester

So how do you want to go about learning to drive? Taking a chance with any instructor offering an intensive driving course in Cirencester or a driving school that talks sense? Give us a call today. You learned more about the truth of learning to drive with an intensive course in the last 3 minutes than you did in the previous 3 websites.